Friday, February 27, 2009

Loving Friday

It has been a few weeks since my last Loving Friday so I have a whole week of loving squeezed into one.
Tuesday night was Brown Owls and Kirsty and Pip did a great job, including getting lots of crafting packs for those affected by the Bushfires. It was also great to catch up with owly friends from last year and some new ones too. Looking forward to the year ahead.
(Notice the dog eyes up the top)
Wednesday I got this beautiful package from Sophie - almost too beautiful to open. One brooch is a gift so has to remain Sammy Squirrel Secret and I think "I heart fabric" pretty much sums me up in a sentence. It is so super cute, as is all the stuff she does and really reasonably priced, - you must go see. She also did a great job raising funds for the Red Cross too.
Yesterday I received my, umm I mean Caleb and Poppy's beautiful animals that I won on Amber's blog. Aren't they just divine, an elephant, cheetah and rhino. They even smell good - you don't get that with plastic toys let me tell you. You have to go visit Amber too, she has not only a super clever man and the worlds cutest chickens and great kids activities and lives in a beautiful part of the world, but she also has a life philosophy I strive for.

I think I had better even out the Ying - Yang of life so here is my un-lovin' list.
I am NOT loving germs, Caleb has been down with a really bad fever the last few days and REFUSES medicine, makes it so hard. He seems to have a bit more colour today so hopefully he is on the way up.
I am NOT loving the heat and wind forecast for today and hope that the fires don't end as bad as they fear.


AnastasiaC said...

i love Sophie's brooches...i have one too!
hope Caleb is feeling better soon, my eldest and me have both been a little unwell too - something in the air!!
happy friday sweet!

Megan: The Byron Life said...

firstly - so glad you managed to get a comment thu on my blog... the whole internet thing has been doing my head in lately..
2nd - love the brooch and the wood toys and totally agree with you abt Amber - she's amazing. xo
3- Wish I was in Melbourne and was an owl too...
4. Hope Caleb gets well soon... Ella is the same with medicine, makes things very hard indeed.

CurlyPops said...

Such lovely things arriving in the mail this week! I would be hiding those gorgeous wooden animals from the kiddies and keeping them all for myself (but that would just be evil...he he he)

Tinniegirl said...

The list of things to love sounds great. All that lovely mail.