Monday, December 20, 2010

Super Six

xmas tree 004 It is official, we made it to 6 and the first year of school. The last few months have been a challenge with all the change and expectation catching up to my little man.

We took him after 2 years to the psychologist  and she was so pleased and said with what he has learned he would probably wouldn’t even be considered on the autism spectrum. That doesn’t mean he is ‘cured’ just that the early implemented techniques have really made a difference. It was a really proud moment for not only him but I even let myself have a little ‘yay me’. Lots of work and time and tears and still weekly challenges seemed worthwhile.

He did a great job at school with another ‘Student of the week’ for trying hard and a report card with beautiful compliments about the sort of person he is. He is super excited about Grade 1 and his teacher and has done a great job making some really good friends. A huge relief after our 3rd school to find the right fit.

There are not words to express how proud I am of Caleb and how well he has handled himself and how excited I am to see the man he is going to be – all to quickly for his Mum’s liking! If you are a parent dealing with the early stages (that are really hard) it is not easy but it can get better.


Nerdycomputergirl said...

Congratulations to Caleb on achieving a great result in his first year at school and turning 6.


Home Girl said...

Oh wonderful news! I feel really emotional and happy for you all. Big pat on the back to you super mum for all the hard background work setting the stage so your little man can florish! BIG UP CAILEB WOO WOO! xx

teddybearswednesday said...

Such wonderful news Cindy!!
Bravo to the champ Caleb, and his mummy too xo

amity ville boronia said...

I have that t-shirt! Pandamonium!

Kate said...

What a wonderful end to the year for your family!
Happy birthday to your big boy and congratulations to you all. Yay!!!!!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday Caleb! And a big congratulations to you Cindy for all your hard work. You must be so proud of Caleb, and he must be proud of you!

Andi said...

Yay!!! Such aceness all round!!!
Andi xx

PS How are your guts?

Megan.K. said...

A fantastic report card all round Cindy. BIG yay to you and Caleb. What a team. And 6? Wow!

I love that you have written so honestly about Caleb's development on this blog Cindy - and this must surely be inspiration and hope to many parents, I know it has been for me.

We aren't dealing with anything like what you have been through, but this year there has been a lot of issues go on for Melli - all kinds of behavioural/physical/speech assessments - potentially leading to diagnosis of adhd and then just recently a major, major breakthrough. Now we can see massive improvements and light at the end of the tunnel - all from a change in her diet!!!

It's a good, good feeling to know you can change the course of your kids' lives in a positive way if you keep persisting and get onto things early. Early Intervention is the key and trusting those "mummy" instincts - even if it means moving schools!

So immensely proud of you both Cindy.


Stacey said...

Well that is just excellent news Cindy. You're obviously doing an excellent job with your boy and you both most be extremely proud of him. And yourselves too!

Tania said...

You know what? This post MAKES MY HEART SING! But I demand another round of 'Yay, me!' for Cindy.

sophie said...

Yay Caleb -what a star. Motherhood is a hard but ultimately very satisfying job!

Sally said...

Happy happy belated birthday Caleb! BRAVO! You're a star - you've worked so hard and accomplished so much. BRAVO! BRAVO!
You must take after your Mama.