Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Plans

puss 001 Only 2 more days of school and Prep is done – wow. Poppy is finishing up all her activities and one more week of work for me and then 2 weeks off – YIPPEE.

I do have some holiday plans though

  • making bread at least once a week
  • kids to take a photo a day (I expect lots like this one)
  • bike riding, park visiting, zoo, you get the idea
  • wrapping lots of presents and putting together lots of unwrapped presents
  • sewing for MYSELF
  • fixing up the kids bedrooms
  • feel like I am having a holiday even though we are staying home
  • lots of baking with the kiddies
  • hope to build a walking/exercise routine (hopefully to help with the above point)
  • looking forward to having some time to waste

What about you – any plans for the hols?


Andi said...

Much the same as you!
Mainly, I can't wait to wake up in the mornings and not feel the need to rush anywhere!!
Have we got any firm plans for Sunday?

Kate said...

Nope! All plans are on hold until our dog has her puppies. Then I just wanna take it slow. Oh and maybe take the caravan for a test camp.

Mary said...

pretty similar plans here too, especially in the sewing for myself department and zoo trips are a holiday staple for us. Would be good to go camping too and we have the fun job of getting the house ready for the painter (yay we found one!)

Michelle said...

Looks like a great list of plans. I have an enormous list of jobs around the house buzzing around in my head, that I was hoping to get done. But we'll be taking it easy I reckon. Some cooking, some craft, some kicking back on the hammock, maybe some swimming lessons.