Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dinos Rule

Caleb's Birthday 030Caleb's Birthday 071 Caleb had so much fun at his Dinosaur Diggers party, while it isn’t cheap it was worth it. He was in heaven and even the non-dino obsessed were enjoying it - mainly due to the fact that Sandra was fantastic. At fossil dig time, Caleb was still madly fossicking after 20 minutes!

Caleb's Birthday 053For the goodie bags (sewed with dino fabric of course) I did some gingerbread dinos and the dinosaur eggs of questionable appearance made it in and have received glowing responses.

Caleb's Birthday 015

For the cake I wanted to do dino foot print cupcakes that made out a 6. It didn't quite turn out as good as the head vision (that seems to happen with me and my limited cake abilities but unlimited ideas!) but the kids didn’t care and the birthday boy loved it. One of our guests was allergic to food colouring so the lovely Katrina at Windsor Deli extracted the colour for me out of parsley and spinach for the icing, so cool.

Caleb's Birthday 058 Plans for a mushy post on Sat, his actual birthday and 6, how did that happen!


Andi said...

Ace partying Cindy!!!
The cake looks great and I'm super impressed at the efforts to accommodate the allergy infested kidlets.

Duyvken said...

My son is turning 6 on Friday!! I love the look of those Dinosaur Diggers parties but can't seem to find anything similar here in Sydney. We did a superheroes party here at home earlier in the month and he had a ball! Happy birthday to your 6 year old!!!

Ellieboo said...

Looks like a fantastic party - oooh I could really go one of those dino cookies right now - yum

Tania said...

I knew Sandra would be your party hero! There's another dino in the post - finally!

Christina Lowry said...

What a fantastic idea!! It all looks wonderful Cindy. So lovely to hear that Caleb enjoyed it most of all!

Happy birthday to your big boy!


Kate said...

Oh my goodness, it sounds like the best dino party ever! And the food!
ps. I am totally hooked on Riggins (FNL), you can cuddle Mat all you like. X

Megan.K. said...

Oh, he would have been thrilled Cindy! What a brilliant party idea.
I want one of those dino cookies :)
Happy Birthday Mr Caleb.

Michelle said...

What a fun looking party! I bet they all had a great time. Well done Cindy!

Sally said...

Awesome! What a brilliant party. You are so creative in every part of your life. You rock!!!