Friday, November 4, 2011

Human Spirit

Did anyone see the Motor Neuron Disease segment on Channel 7’s Sunday Night? It featured my cousin and his truly amazing wife who are only in their 20’s and have been given so much to deal with. It meant a lot to Stacy to share her story.


CurlyPops said...

I sure did. It's so sad to see people struck down in the prime of their lives and then know that there's absolutely no treatment and no hope. I cannot imagine how hard that is.

Anonymous said...

Scott & I watched the link last night from your post, as we missed the show. I work in Aged Care & it is hard enough to see older people & their families suffering from this disease, and forms of dementia, which are similar. But seeing people as young as this, with families in some cases, is so tragic. Love & prayers to your cousin.Siobhan xo

Rachael said...

What an awful disease this is. Such a terrible, terrible thing. Thinking of your family. x