Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Winter Rising

With the cold snap, the production of the kids warmer clothes is in full swing. Usually it is a time to try lots of new patterns but I have used only a few patterns and varied the fabric, which is actually quite a fun challenge.

I contemplated this year going to the shops and buying them clothes and I discovered I have become that annoying person, “look at that material and finish for how much!”. So expect to be bombarded with lots of sewing – let me know if I get boring - well as many as the temperamental models here will allow.



Excuse the mess, the choc chip cookie of co-operation and the lack of ironing. Pattern for dress from here in new My Folklore. Pants pattern is my old faithful one out of Lincraft linen and pink angalise trim.


Pattern from here.


Liesl said...

Why buy when you can make such gorgeous one-offs! Your model looks fabulous.

PS. Word verification is shied - perhaps not related to the model?!

CurlyPops said...

I agree with Liesl - I'd much rather have unique one-offs.... and they're gorgeous!

sophie said...

I actually would shop but my darling 4 year old has such an aversion to being well behaved at the shops that I prefer to stay home - so what if it takes me 4 hours to make a pinafore - I eventually get there!! it's been insanely cold here too, just the past couple of days.

Jennie said...

wow - these are gorgeous!
I so wish i could sew clothes!

Angie said...

Gorgeous! I agree with the shop vs. sew, especially if you can get some cheap fabric or upcycle some things....if you take into account the getting to & from shops + parking it is fairly comparable ( and usually better made....especially if you want them to be worn by a few kids in the hand-me-down queue).

Unknown said...

The cold has inspired me to get sewing too. I did trudge around the shops last weekend to shop for shoes, socks, tights and underwear. Now I am broke so I have to sew!

Andi said...

Your kids are lucky!
They'll work that out one day!!

Michelle said...

Bring on the sewing - I shall be doing the same! Love that tunic pattern.

Sally said...

Your sewing could never be boring!!!

Loving everything so far... and looking forward to being inspired more!!!