Monday, May 9, 2011

Kids Art Class


Last week Poppy was lucky enough to have one of Dawn’s “kid’s home art classes”. While Dawn is a beautiful artist, her gift is really being able to relate to children. She read a sweet fishy story and then creating of sea creatures was on.


Poppy was entranced learning how to ‘paint properly’ and use ‘Mr Crocodile scissors properly’ (you know those instructions that always sound better coming from someone other than their mother!) and her face at the discovery of glitter glue was one of the cutest thing ever.


It was a really great thing for Poppy as she can still be a little unsure around new people and places, so to have it at home with me around was perfect for her. Poppy had such a great time she was inviting her back again before she got to leave and is now going to do Poppy’s birthday party too! (Considering Melbourne weather in June I think it should be a really fun inside alternative) Poppy has asked Katrina to make her cake too so it will be a little bloggy birthday party.

Thanks Dawn for a great morning and letting me use your pictures too!


teddybearswednesday said...

what a gorgeous sounding time for Poppy.
Love her artwork as well xo

sophie said...

What cute photos Cindy, Poppy is gorgeous!

Hosted Services said...

Cute photos! Lovely1

Sally said...

Oh I really do LOVE those wonderful sea creatures. Marvellous.

art classes melbourne said...

Really, good art class for kids. Nice pictures....!!