Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Creative Space

007 Do you sometimes feel like you have too much creative space, not that I am some sort of crafting genius or anything but there are always so many plans and things I want to get done, that sometimes I have to remind myself “a hobby is meant to be fun!” Yet another planned quilt, this one for Poppy. She loves her embroidered one, but she still wets the bed and while it has been holding up to the repeated washing I thought a back up was a good idea. She also hates the top sheet and sleeps under just he quilt so want a light weight and thinking of flannel sheeting as wadding ?? All the prints were from the stash with some Kona solid action.

Lots of creative goodies over at Kirst’s.

And thanks for all of the Mum love, she finally got the electricity on yesterday and was touched by all the generous thoughts.

And thanks for the help in the quilt vote, the bottom was my original layout so think I will run with it!


Maxabella said...

All the time! If only I had time for half of what's in my head. I would need to be living two lives simultaneously!

Time is one constraint for me, the other is actual talent and know-how. I have the ideas but not the means to bring them to life! x

Andi said...

Looks bloody gorgeous!
Missed you last night!
Andi x