Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two Zero One One

Happy new year – hope you haven’t thought me rude for mot saying it earlier but have been spending more time enjoying holidays with the kids than the changing of calendars. We have been home holidaying, and I always enjoy it (sad but true).




Fixing up the kids rooms is high on the list and Caleb and I did this really fun and easy project yesterday and he really loved it. With some beloved dinos, some material for backdrop and then let him loose to create some prints for his room (the main challenge was to shut up and let him do what he wanted). Then off to Officeworks to get 8 of them printed for the princely sum of $7. We got 6” x 8”,  bigger would of been better but since Caleb was in charge he didn’t want them too big!


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I love holidays at home too. Lazy days spent in pj's. Can't go past them.

Great project. Good on you for taking the back seat too.

Hope to catch up again soon.

CurlyPops said...

Oh wow, that's such a cool idea!
Do you mind if I pinch it? I think my eldest nephew would absolutely love to do that with some of his lego pieces.

Liesl said...

Happy new year! I love the dino prints - they look fabulous. I think Argy would love to do that with his Lego too!

Megan.K. said...

I love this project Cindy - I may give Melli a go at something similar.