Wednesday, January 12, 2011


(I have had this in drafts and not published but with the floods it does seem frivolous) With the new year comes thoughts of new intentions. This year I really want to focus on ‘do less – laugh more’ - not giving myself so much to do and not taking it all too seriously. Naturally if I make the list any longer then there are millions of things that are trying to fit in.

This year Poppy is in 3 year old kinder 3 mornings a week, but I am struggling with this decision and am considering making it 2 mornings again. Isn’t that the eternal parenting balancing act! An extra morning would be great and relieve pressure from me to get work done at night, yet it really is our last year, next year 4 year kinder will have more hours and then school all so quickly! Thankfully she still sleeps in the afternoon so that makes working a full time job while she is still home easier. Enough babbling.

On the crafty front, my resolve to sew more for me has been aided by a dressmakers mannequin for Christmas – I am very pleased with her so far and working on some Colette patterns and fabric stashed since Christmas 2009 with the best of intentions! And while I don’t think not buying fabric for 2011 isn’t an option, the intention is to not add anything to my stash – buy it and use it.

QLD_Flood_Appeal I am still a Queensland girl and hurting over the scenes. Lots of people are doing an amazing job – Donate here and Auction and bidding on crafty things here.


Michelle said...

It is a hard balance - my boy starts school this year, which makes two at school, and my smallest will go to 3 yr old kinder for two afternoons a week. I am tossing up whether to put her in family day care one day a week for school hours but just can't commit to the decision - I would love the time, but as you say it is our last year together.

sophie said...

It's not frivolous - because life goes on, in the face of devastation people are still making plans, deliberating over decisions and generally doing life. Poppy is so important to you, and that's not frivolous at all. Just for the record, if someone gave me extra childcare time I would grab it with both hands and then kiss them - but that's just me :-).