Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Creative Space – School holiday style

New projects are a little few and far between, with school holidays and embroidery.

Crafty Rvo 006 Here is the Pops in her creative action, a little excited that she can do some gluing and glittery productions.001 An innocent question to Caleb, do you want to write a little book since he has been working on his reading. The hopes of a story are on hold but he has started an  animal one instead and at 50 odd pages and counting it will be an encyclopaedia by the time the holidays are over. If you have a child at the verge of reading I cannot recommend ABC Reading Eggs enough, it has done amazing things for Caleb who is now reading books on his own!

So grab some popcorn and check out the creative goodness with Kirsty.


Liesl said...

You're a good mum ... look at all those sequins. If I bought them out at our place they would be from one end of the house to the other in no time!

Look forward to seeing more of that weighty tome Caleb is illustrating. (Yesterday, Argy drew a bunch of grapes ... one to a page!).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Reading Eggs recommendation... Niamh has a lot of interest at the moment. We've been using the starfall website, but the american accent drives me a bit nuts!

Have a great easter :)

Snooze said...

that looks like a fun time is being had by all. have a great brreak together.
My Creative Space

Michelle said...

Looks like a great creative space. Enjoy the holidays.

Tania said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Caleb had a thesis in him!