Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Summer Daze

We all travelled out to the Northside Makers market on the week-end and it was a really lovely morning even if it was only a quick whirl before Poppy’s sleep.

Caleb decided to be a tiger for the day including roaring. Poppy was keen to have her face done but she changed her mind once she sat down.

I was bummed I miss Cathie, and yet to taste those divine creations but I will wait until next time. I picked some gorgeous earrings from Hollie, whose donut plushies were so good that  the littlies tried to eat them. They loved chatting to Jess about her knitted cuties. We took Larry home, I found him tucked into Caleb’s quilt pocket this morning, I can’t look at him without smiling – I would call that a great day out.


Ellieboo said...

A good day indeed -Larry is a cutie - good choice

teddybearswednesday said...

Larry looks so happy!! It was so lovely to see you and chat to Caleb and Poppy. THanks again so much for popping by and saying hello, it was a treat of the day x

Holly said...

How insanely cute are Jess' amigurumi critters! I got there and she was just unpacking all her softies and I almost squealed when I saw her bring out a panda - so I bought him right then and there before the market was even open and I'm so glad I did! I love him.

And I loved meeting Poppy and Caleb, and thought Caleb was just too cute as a tiger. I miss being a kid (or around kids) that just love life and love having fun. Adults can be so stuffy sometimes.

I'm glad you like your earrings too :)