Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas - that is so last year

I wont lie, it has been a loooong week around these parts and I have had this sitting patiently in drafts to finally post. So I may be a little, well actually a lot late for me to finally get around to sharing the hand made Chrissy goodies that I got finished last year.I finished up 3 bags for Caleb's kinder teachers at the very last moment before the end of term. I have to admit that I did contemplate keeping them, especially the Lara Cameron Ginkgo one.
I used Kate's super clever scarf tut for Mum, more last minute sewing and an express post envelope.

Glen got his 3 shirts, but I have to admit the last one didn't have buttons or hems on Christmas morning, but enough to 'wear' it so I figured why nit pick. I have to admit I do love Glen's Roger David posses.

Poppy got her picnic blanket which thankfully she loves, even using the back of it for her play doh. I painted the picnic basket a reddy pink and filled it with melamine crockery, wooden cut-up fruit and some felt food. The felt ravioli has been very popular (even though I could only find 1 for the photo) on the new oven and microwave that she got from the grandparents. I was really happy with how the basket turned out and it has worked out to be perfect storage for a bargain price. I figure I can just slowly keep adding felt food into her basket to keep it interesting too. Caleb loves it as well and tells me he is growing up to be a cook like dad.

One of my favourite hand made Christmas goodies though is this gorgeous chest that Dad got made for Pirate Caleb and oh does he love to stow his treasures in there. They are living in the Solomon Islands so he got some of the local craftsman to carve out the chest and inlay the skull and cross bones with shell. So cool and well travelled too.I had to add in the Caleb's after haircut photos, admittedly most people would think he was still due one.


Angie said...

lovely to see all that handmade goodness, hope you are having a well earned break now.

Aussie-waffler said...

I just love the picnic set up, it's especially pretty under that dappled sunlight. And the pirate chest....WOW, that is insanely cool, lucky Caleb.

Miss Muggins said...

I love Caleb's hair cut - he makes a perfect pirate! So many good things in this post. I am overwhelmed with the crafty goodness. Thanks for sharing.

Mel said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with sharing the Chrissy crafting after Christmas. Lord knows there certainly isn't time to do it in December and that seems to be when so much great stuff gets done!

The picnic set is a stroke of genius. And I so love that you could only find one ravioli for the shot! That would so be my life.

And I love Caleb's hair!

teddybearswednesday said...

WOW, you made a lot of beautiful things Cindy. I'm especially found of Poppy's quilt and the whole picnic idea. I'm so pleased she loves it.