Friday, November 6, 2009

My Place and Yours - Blog HQ

As you can see it is a stylista's dream at Bug and Pop HQ. This is not only where the blogging magic happens but also my all day everyday drafting work space too. There is even a glimpse of pristine sewing area and it is all shoved into the corner of the dining room, we make our house work hard. All the pretty stuff on my desk was my shelf last week.
Check out Pip's HQ for more places and also the bestest Christmas stocking ever and thanks to Ninon, theme queen.
I realised I have been so busy that I haven't been updating our progress.
Caleb ended up staying in his own room in the end and doing quite well. He had his orientation at Prep this week and although he was pretty wired by the time he got home he asked if he could go again today. I am still working up to buying the uniforms - so proud. The vomiting only seemed to last one day thank goodness and touch wood missed the rest of us.
Poppy really enjoyed her day at child care too, so hopefully that continues. Unfortunately she couldn't go this week because of cup day so fingers crossed that she keeps up her enthusiasm for Tuesday. I am so excited for her that her interest in everything was stronger than her need to be with me all the time.


Tania said...

They're big steps those Prep/childcare ones (secretly I reckon they are way bigger hurdles for us Mums - yep, I'm the sooky one on the first day of anything).

PS. I'll bring my own sarnie ingredients to P8...feel one more coming on!

sophie said...

So happy for caleb and Poppy - when your kids are happy then everything is great, right!

Your HQ looks pristine compared to mine, I am so ashamed to post any photos of it.