Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mum Day

Happy Mothers day to all the mums out there, I hope you managed lots of cuddles and kisses and happy memories of why we love our kids so darn much, even when they are capital 'T' Trouble. We had a lovely morning at the park, scooter, pram and dog in hand and an afternoon of cooking with Caleb (I think we might have a future chef on our hands, I am only allowed to supervise). And from Poppy a big smooch to all those mamas, or sisters, or aunties, or even furry mums (those with pets that is not specifically those that don't have time to shave). I can only hope that one day my babies will look at me with the same respect that I have for my Mum.


Beth said...

hahaha sounds like you had a good mother's day! (apart from the cold). Love that last photo, how adorable!

Megan.K. said...

You all had a great day by the looks of it!
That's great that caleb is a good cook - I'd be encouraging that for sure!