Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Week of Pants - Day 4

I love the simplicity of these grey cords in Size 3 an 4 with plaid wool knees. I thought they needed a little sprucing so I added the cool bears underneath.
We have cleared out the garage for some extra room, as I was sweeping the floor I had visions of a great sewing room, as opposed to being shoved in the side of the dining room. Darn those kids, they won again with another play room. All resentment was gone after I saw these gorgeous chalk drawings. Caleb has even been trying to write numbers, you might be able to see the 8 he has attempted. Oh such a proud mama, he normally hates doing that sort of thing. We even have a bit of hopscotch action in the far corner - LOVE IT. Oh well, back to the dining room for me.


sophie said...

what can I say? More great pants...that bear trim is so cute! I soooo wish I had sewing space, my bedroom is more sewing room than sleeping room, poor Andrew climbs over piles of fabric every night when he goes to bed!

Jade said...

What cool pants! And who doesn't love a bit of hopscotch action???

Christina Lowry said...

Now I know why mum never yelled at us for chalk drawing all over the garage floor, she must have thought it was cute too. How cool that you have photos of it to show them when they are older! :)
PS. The pants are great too!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Very cool pants! Very cool indeed!

Sorry to hear you lost another possible creative space, but the hopscotch does sound like fun.

Anonymous said...

try to picture the garage in the heat, the cold, and anything inbetween. It would take twice as much motivation to decamp after dinner. I think you need to rename the dining room once and for all!

Megan: The Byron Life said...

love that cute spider-thingy drawing (so cute)
I'm all for another playspace, can't hve too many of those with young kids.
Loving also your v.productive week of pants - go Cindy!