Friday, January 2, 2009

Holidaying at Home - Part 2 Tips

Some pointers if you are planning to holiday at home

1. Don't party too hard as children don't sleep in and don't do volume control.
2. Even if it is 20 degrees and raining (love the Melbourne weather) if it is summer it is always the right time for ice cream.
3. Do not take our child to the museum after the zoo, unless you wish to be asked 356 times is that animal alive. (Miss Potty Mouth Mama if you are reading - look away now)
4. I also recommend having a pre-planned explenation as to how to explain to the toddler what a stuffed dead animal is.
I have to admit that our trip to the museum this morning was great. We went last christmas, pre Caleb diagnosis and we had non-stop tantrums, we couldn't even get out of the car park. One year on of Asperger's diagnosis, speech and therapy and today the only drama was having to come home, I was never a sproud of a screechy boy in my life.


potty mouth mama said...

ARGH! Too late I saw them! Fat, hairy spiders. EEEK! I hope they were dead.

Looks like SOOOO MUCH FUN. Except the eight-legged friends.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the tips :) My son has also been assessed for Aspergers, he fits 3 of the 4 areas so we are still looking for some answers to his learning disorders. He does have an Expressive language disorder, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and social issues. He has special help at school due to the Expressive language disorder but dyslexia is not funded, even sever.
It's wonderful you have found the help your son needed.

Jodie said...

What a great post - I am glad the diagnosis has helped so much in just a year. Those spiders would KEEP me in the carpark.

Ellieboo said...

I had to look away too - yukky yukky spiders. Sounds like you should be proud of your littlee too!

Libby said...

Ha, looks like you had a great time. The look on Caleb's face is priceless. I took my little one to the museum 6 months ago and she's still talking about the skeleton riding a bike.
Looks like your having a great holiday.

sophie said...

ARGH! Those questions 4 year olds fire at you, and they wont be palmed off will they!!
So glad Caleb enjoyed his day and the rest of the family too.