Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who is that LIttle Man?

These are the photos we got back from Caleb's childcare when they had a professional photographer in for some fund raising. I don't know who this grown up boy is, but it can't be my beautiful BABY boy. Where do the years go? He has been going so well lately it is a shame that child care is finishing and he is off to a different kinder next year, but I am sure he will do fine.
I have been finalising the last of my orders lately so no real new sewing. I did add this applique to shirt for a Christmas pressie set, I think it looks a little special.


potty mouth mama said...

Oh Cindy - Caleb is too cute. I love that photo, he is beautiful. He will fly next year, he looks like he's beaming with confidence.

Love the Christmas set too - I think that applique looks pretty special too. GO YOU!

CurlyPops said...

That's such a great photo of Caleb. Some of the childcare photography sessions are a bit hit and miss, but that is gorgeous. You can really see the resemblance to his mummy too!

Sara said...

Cindy, Caleb is absolutely handsome. What a lovely photo, and that smile..priceless!

I still can't figure out how you manage find the time to sew all those cute clothes!!

muralimanohar said...

That's a great photo! He looks adorable! :D

And your applique is just depressing. I tried to applique a teeshirt the other day, and it was sad. Of course, I was trying to follow the outline an animal, but STILL...sad. :p

sophie said...

Wow, what a handsome boy! Great photo.

I love the set Cindy, those colours are really beautiful.