Thursday, July 31, 2008

Perspective is Over-rated

This is my beautiful 3.5 year-old boy Caleb. He looks just like most other boys and runs around like most other boys, but he is challenged daily by Asperger's Autism. This doesn't mean he is weird like the Boston Legal guy or Monk but he does see the world in a unique way that I am learning is quite special. He is only mildly affected and I don't want to belittle anyone else that has been touched by this, but I intend to share only the positive and funny things that it brings to our lives - every Thursday seemed as good a day as any. He doesn't understand that people are mean or sarcastic and takes every conversation as literal, while this can be a curse, I think it can also be a great beacon to be in life. I am finding this hard to write so that is the best explanation I have.


Liesl said...

I shall look forward to reading more of your lovely, positive Thursday posts.

A while ago my sister (an early childhood & primary principal) mentioned a book to me that has a wonderful perspective on Aspergers. Its called All cats have asperger syndrome by Kathy Hoopmann. If you can find it on, the site allows you to take a bit of a browse through the book.

Katie said...

Thankyou for sharing. I think we all need to see things from a different perspective sometimes and that of our own children is most important.