Monday, July 28, 2008

Is There Anyone Out There???

I have been inspired by the very delightful and talented
Pip, whom I don’t’ know but on the other side of the computer monitor she seems wonderful. So here I am and who am I you may ask. Well I am a very busy mum of two gorgeous bunnies who keep me very busy.

To support the household, I am a draftsman (I know I should say person but I know I have ovaries so it is ok). The job pays the bills but creatively wise it is a bust. I started sewing my son some pants, using the skills past on from my beloved Nana, and haven’t seemed to stop.

I hope to share with you some inspiration, some ideas that I have been working on (I am hoping to fill my Etsy shop soon) and other good stuff. I am only new to the blogging/craft community but have found it so far to be great. Black apple and Little sprout have been sewing the seed (excuse the pun) on some great softies that I am working on, plus clothing for the little people. So there we have it, my first post. Hoping to see you for the next one.


three buttons said...

YAY!! Welcome to blogland!! I hope you enjoy your stay : )

I've added you to our This Is blogroll, thank you for playing!!

Angela xx

Katie said...

I have read back through every single one of your posts and there are so many things I want to say but not enough time! I love all your creations, the mullet skirt is a classic. I am looking forward to every new post and you are now on my blog roll so I won't miss out! xox Katie