Monday, September 5, 2011

Frankie and Swiss


So last weeks bits turned into this. The super lovely Michelle (whose photo I stole .. umm borrowed) and her sister Jacqui have started up an amazingly exciting new business, Frankie and Swiss, where you can print your own designs on fabric right in Melbourne (Head spinningly good – there should be  health warning with this as it WILL keep you awake at night with amazing  AHA moments of possibilities!) There was a little call out on twitter for a sewing bee and after seeing this cute pattern by a Sydney designer ‘Pattern Runway’ last week, I thought it would be perfect combination for showing off fabric design and summer fun.

The fabric is based on Dawn Tan’s Lemon Spaghetti, and as I have no artistic ability, being able to work with an artist who is ace was even more fun (and a bit of a privilege!)

Even though this project was never going to be for me, it has been one of the most fun and inspiring projects of the year. Good luck to the Frankie and Swiss ladies and for letting us all join in with the brave - following a dream.


Leni and Rose said...

Awwww Cindy, thank YOU so much!! The dress was an absolute stand out and everyone LOVED it so much. Thank you lovely!

Tania said...

Yep, chasing after that dream thing, takes some guts. (all the very best F&S!). Rather excellent to have some crafty sewing brilliance behind the effort, I would say...

Andi said...

You did a gorgeous job with that dress!!!